Fulbright Morocco

About Morocco al Noor! Homage to Maroc! A feast for all the senses of sight, smell, taste, sound – all that resound in the heart as the echoing reflections of fragments of Africa, Arabia, and Europe reassembled in the mosaic tiles and the fabric of the culture we know as Morocco.

These movies are the culmination of a photographic visual survey of various sites throughout Morocco during a Fulbright Scholar Project in June and July of 2008.

Below is Prof. Sabato's College Scholar presentation on this subject at Johnson County Community College on September 26, 2013 (YouTube)

Movies can be viewed individually – scroll down to individual movies below.

The individual movies below were created to give a sense of moving in space and time recalling crystalline memories in the form of visual vignettes. Music accompanies the photographs to give a sense of visual poetry in motion.

May these little glimples give you a sense of the diversity of the culture, landscape, ecosystem, and history of Maroc.

Rabat (05:09) Rabat is Imperial City, Capital City, Walled City… Ancient home of Phoenicians, Romans… Now the City of the Royal Seat of King Mohammed VI…. Grandeur, Splendor, Metropolis.

Essaouira (04:54) Essaouira means “well designed”… Founded by the Phoenicians under the name Migdol in 7th Century BC… Portuguese owned it as Mogador in the 15th Century… 18th Century fortress establsihed by Sultan Sidi Mohammed be Abdallah… Designed by French architect Théodore Cornut…

Fés (07:44) Fés is the oldest of the cities of Morocco… Green tiles the color of Islam… Founded by the Arabs… Breath and Heartbeat… Home of the largest living Medieval city worldwide… Birthplace of Morocco’s Independence Movement… The oldest university in the world… Centre for learning Islamic orthodoxy…

On the Road Maroc! (12:12) On the Road take us on a journey from Rabat to Marrakesh, Marrakesh to Essaouira, Essaouira to Agadir, Agadir to Zagora, Zagora to Ouarzazate, Ouarzazate to Merzouga, Merzouga to Erfoud, Erfoud to Midelt, Midelt to Ifrane, Ifrane to Fez. Fez to Rabat.

The visual language of signs and symbols evidenced in every piece of Moroccan architecture, carpet, tile, pottery, and cloth gives a fresh and deeper meaning to the applied and decorative arts.